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Retirement Communities Seattle

Are you someone who is looking to become part of a community with folks, similar in nature and age? Well, you're in luck. The Retirement Communities Seattle at The Savoy at City Lake is just the place for you. Our 62+ age-restricted community not only brings you a place to dwell in but is also filled with all the excitement, fun and relaxation that you can imagine. New friendships, countless activities, a pleasant atmosphere and a charming environment are all that await your arrival at the Retirement Communities Seattle.

Retirement Communities Seattle - The Savoy At The City Lake

By booking your stay with us, not only to you get to choose between your very own one bedroom or two bedroom apartment, but you get the chance to become a part of this ever-growing community of folks that are loving and caring in nature and are always willing to stick by each other's sides through all the thick and thin. Not only this, but you get the opportunity to involve yourself in numerous activities. The Savoy At The City Lake is situated just minutes away from Matthews Beach, Magnuson Park, Burke Gilman Trail, Green Lake Parks and many other elegant and beautiful Northern Seattle parks. And if you're not wanting to go on a community trip to these sites, yet need to get somewhere else, the express bus service is just minutes away and will definitely get to where you need to whether it be shopping, museums, pike place market or anything else. The Savoy At The City Lake is also just around 5 minutes away from lifetime learning centers where retired professors teach college students. To sum it all up, there're two words that we always like to mention whenever we're talking about the Retirement Communities Seattle at The Savoy At The City Lake; choice and flexibility. We give you the choice and the flexibility to live your life with us the way you wish to, by doing the things that you want to. We can keep on writing here all we wish to, but we're not just talk. We really wish you plan to visit us soon and once you do, we're assured ourselves that you're going to want to book your stay with us for a long period of time and become a permanent member of this ever-growing retirement community of ours.

We Await Your Arrival At The Savoy At The City Lake

So why the wait? All this and a room full of surprises awaits to be discovered by you upon your arrival. So call us or visit us today and book your stay with us and allow us the opportunity to serve you and bring you a lifestyle that is going to change your life for good.

Posted by Savoy on 6/23/2017
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