Options for Senior Living in Seattle

Looking past the Seattle retirement apartment community marketing brochure

The number of seniors looking for the right senior living options outside of their current home has increased dramatically over the past decade. The good news is the level of standard of living provided by senior living communities, particularly in Seattle has also increased. The idea that senior living retirement is something that exists only in areas of Florida or Arizona is a thing of the past. There are also multiple types of senior living available. Most residents of these retirement communities share a common desire to remain as independent as possible, but each type of senior living community caters to a different set of unique needs. Generally speaking there are three types of retirement communities: Active adult communities, Age-restricted communities such as 55+ and 62+ communities, and independent living communities.

Seattle active adult communities

Active adult communities are are designed for the most active seniors. Most have built small sized homes or condos and offer a full social schedule of activities that foster interaction between residents. These homes are typically designed with seniors in mind with multiple modifications to make daily chores and living easier.

Age restricted communities

Often referred to as 55+ communities and 62+ communities, these environments are meant to limit the mixing of multiple generations living in a property. This helps to encourage social activity and foster friendships between residents and to allow a community to better focus their efforts to meet the needs of all its residents with excellence. Amenities and levels of assistance vary in these types of communities. This is where you tend to see a multitude of different types of housing including condos, senior apartments, RV parks and more. The advantage to 62+ senior apartments is the access to desired amenities and lifestyle without the long-term commitment. Seattle is home to tremendous possibility with senior apartment communities like The Savoy at Lake City. This is regulated by the government. People under the age of 19 are not allowed permanent residence and one resident per living unit must meet the age requirements for at least 80% of the units on the property.

Independent senior living communities

Independent living is a very broad term and can encompass age restrictions as well as communities of residents that lead very active lifestyles. What sets independent living apart is the type of senior living services and activities that are offered.

Checking out the amenities and services of senior living communities is just the beginning in determining if the facility is right for you. Much like many other products you've purchased in your lifetime, you often discover how beneficial and right they are for you after you have purchased them. Here are several things to consider beyond just looking at the senior living marketing brochure and touring the community to help you make the best decision.

  1. Do the residents seem happy? Talk to them spend time with them and find out what life is really like outside of the tour that you are given by the staff. Inquire about the staff from the residents there.
  2. Find out the average turnover of residents and what the average stay is in the community.
  3. Research reviews online about any community you have thought about moving to. Talk to seniors in the Seattle community and get their feel for the communities you're interested in. They can offer a great perspective on making the right choice.
  4. How does the social schedule, temperament of the residents that you'll be living in, proximity to, connection to, and access to the community fit with a realistic life off that you desire?
  5. Find out how financially sound the management company and property owners are. The last thing you want is to move into a place and that the management can't afford the upkeep or they aren't financially sound. Know how long they've been around as well.
  6. Find out what type of funds have been set aside for the upkeep of the property for long term repairs like repairs for the roof, maintenance, building repairs and other costs for upkeeping the community with excellence.

It's always best to try to look beyond the surface when you try to make the best senior living decision, especially for something in your life like moving into a new senior community. The goal is to find a transparent and positive atmosphere like one at The Savoy at Lake City. Digging deeper with the questions above can help you make an informed decision.

Posted by The Savoy Lake City 62+ Community Seattle on 12/7/2016
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