Encouraging an Elderly Loved One to Move to a Senior Living Community

People heading into retirement years may not think about leaving their homes. Though home could be the right place for some people to live after their retirement, senior communities would be the best for most others. One of the main problems that adult children often face is to ask their elderly loved ones to move to a senior community, even though it is good for their safety and life quality. Your parents may not be willing to move because they love their home and are unaware of the benefits of moving to a retirement community. So, how can you convince them?

First, understand the mindset of your parents. The only two choices available to people of their generation was their own home or a nursing home. But now things have changed dramatically. There are splendid retirement communities which offer amenities and services similar to a resort or cruise ship. People living in these independent living communities are not like nursing home patients. They are independent, vibrant, and fun-loving and are well-planned about their future health care needs. So, instead of forcing your elderly parents to move, you must help them understand that moving from home is not losing but embracing a healthier lifestyle.

Here are some tips you can use while thinking about senior living options for your elderly parents:


This is the first and most important step. Generally, people don't want to think about moving from their home. Tell your loved ones that you are not forcing them and it's up to them to decide what to do, but you are looking into some places they may want to consider in the future. You can also point out that their options will be limited when they are living in home and their health declines. Then the only option will be to move to a nursing home.

Collect Information

Get a brochure from the community you consider and review it before visiting it with your loved ones. Don't give out the phone number of your parents. You may give the address of the seniors so that the community can invite them to parties and special events. This is a very good way to introduce the lifestyle in a senior living community. Your loved ones may not attend the program, but it will help them get an idea about the community.

Start research early

Many independent living communities have wait lists. When your parent becomes willing to move, you may want to ensure that their name is high up on the list. Therefore, you must start your research as early as possible.

Narrow down your choices before bringing your loved ones along

You parents must be involved in the decision-making process. Taking the seniors to a number of communities will be confusing as well as exhausting for them. Therefore, create a short list of communities that you think can be the right place for your loved ones.

Posted by Sitebox Admin on 9/20/2017
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