A Fresh Approach to Senior Living in Seattle Washington

Seattle is becoming a favorite among seniors as their preferred City to retire. As millions of baby boomers are approaching retirement, The need for more quality senior living facilities has skyrocketed within the last 10 years. With the advancement in technology and medicine and the awareness for the need for living healthy lifestyles, more seniors are remaining more active than they used to. The increase in the number of active lifestyles presents a need for senior housing to accommodate these bustling needs. Retirees may be completely independent, but looking for a taste of luxury without the headache of the upkeep of a home or property. So they're deciding to move out of their current home and into a place that covers most of the expenses under one fee. Talk about lifting a burden. Just because an aging senior wants to retire, doesn't mean they want to become sedentary. Here are some newer and more popular features of senior living communities and senior apartments for active adults living in the Seattle WA area.

  • Age restrictions to foster like-minded relationships with retirees of similar lifestyles.
  • No large buy-in or contract buy-out fees.
  • Rent, utilities, and cable included
  • Luxurious common areas for entertaining small and large groups of friends and family
  • Bistro, pub, or cafe for serving light drinks and snacks, that can be enjoyed on the go or for a nice sit down break.
  • Fully-equipped fitness center
  • Pet station
  • Garage parking
  • Transportation to places in the community.

With more 62+ communities popping up around Seattle, here are some questions and things to keep in mind when making a decision on the right senior apartment community for you.

  1. What features and services are included in my monthly bill?
  2. Are there any items available that would be charged on my bill a la carte?
  3. If I decide to move out, how long of a notice do I need to give? (Places like The Savoy at Lake City only require a 30 day notice.)
  4. What are the neighbors like?
  5. What is the proximity to community activities?
  6. How accommodating and helpful and encouraging are the staff?

Crafted in Northwest Seattle, The Savoy at Lake City began out of a desire to create a vibrant and active environment for retirees who enjoy the close proximity to Seattle and want all that the city has to offer but remain a quiet distance from busier districts. We hope that your search for Seattle senior apartments lands you in it wonderful senior living community like the one we are creating at The Savoy.

Posted by The Savoy Lake City 62+ Community Seattle on 11/7/2016
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